Malik Naik M Khokhar

Malik Naik Muhammad Khokhar


Malik Naik Muhammad Khokhar, a famous Senior Advocate of the High Court and a gold medalist in law is a shining example of legal brilliance. He is an outstanding example of leadership and dedication to the legal community as a senior member of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. His legal knowledge spans a wide range, including family, criminal, civil, labor, and anti-terrorism law as well as FIA, NAB, and labor law. He can expertly handle even the most complex situations thanks to his profound understanding of legal subtleties. He expertly manages high court writs and constitutional writs, displaying a command of complex legal frameworks and zealously defending justice and fundamental rights. Due to his important role as a legal advisor to businesses, Malik Naik Muhammad Khokhar’s impact extends outside of the courtroom. His strategic advice makes sure companies follow the law, encouraging compliance, expansion, and moral behavior. His position as a senior member of the bar association, in addition to his legal standing, highlights his dedication to upholding the ethical standards of the legal community. He represents the ideal Senior Advocate, academic achiever, and respected corporate legal counsel thanks to a distinguished career that has been characterized by academic excellence, broad legal knowledge, and unshakable commitment to the values of justice.

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